A day to celebrate the planner community and our shared love of all things planners!


What is National Planner Day?

National Planner Day is a day for planner lovers to celebrate their love of planners and reflect on just how much planning and organizing can truly change their lives! The purpose of this day is to shine a light on the positive impact of planners and the amazing community of women (and men!) who use them to better themselves daily. 
The planner community is rich and vibrant and there is a planning tool out there for everyone! Celebrating community over competition, some of the biggest names in the planner world have come together for an AMAZING joint planner lover sweepstakes
When we all support each other to reach our dreams, incredible things can happen! Be sure to keep tagging your favorite planner photos with @NationalPlannerDay and #nationalplannerday to keep spreading the power of this amazing movement! 

Why Celebrate National Planner day?

National Planner Day is on August 1st each year. Celebrating National Planner Day means being involved in the planner community, celebrating planner influencers and each other, and learning about new brands and resources for your life organized.

What are the benefits of planning?

Research from Princeton University and the University of California shows that students who take notes on paper actually learn and retain more than those who use laptops. The reason is that handwriting:  

  • Engages different parts of your brain.  
  • Forces you to more fully process your thinking.  
  • Creates more and better memory cues for later recall.  
  • Gives you an edge in understanding and remembering concepts.

In addition—and you know this from experience—digital devices can be incredibly distracting. When it comes to focused work, they can get in the way by tempting you to multi-task when you should be working on one task at a time. 

For every hour of planning, 3 to 4 hours are saved from redundancy, waiting for information, not being prepared and poorly managed tasks Break the Phone Addiction! Did you know the average person checks their phone 150 times day?! Break the habit! Reach for your planner first thing in the morning for a much more positive, productive day.  

Planners help you prioritize your day. Sales reps surveyed were most productive when they assigned themselves only three tasks per day. It gave them a great sense of accomplishment when they were able to cross off those tasks. Source: Accountemps. Using the correct organizational tools can improve time management by 38%. Source: Mobile Technology Product

Writing things down that you need to remember gives you a far better chance of actually remembering them when you have to. Students who physically take notes received a memory boost –, particularly when compared to those who took notes via a laptop.  Source: Association of Psychological Science

How do I get involved in the community?

Read our blog, post and engage on social media with the hashtag #NationalPlannerDay, shop small businesses and planner companies, and find us on Facebook and Instagram!